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      What is this is the same, in such a hurry: ferrite homosexual magnet!

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      What is this is the same, in such a hurry, ferrite magnets
      Ferrite homosexual magnet profile:
      Ferrite magnet is a gay ferromagnetic metal oxide. In terms of electrical characteristics, the resistivity of ferrite homosexual magnet is much bigger than metal, alloy magnetic materials, but also high dielectric properties.
      Magnet magnetic ferrite homosexual can also performance in high frequency has high magnetic permeability. Therefore, ferrite homosexual magnet has become a high-frequency weak current widely used in the field of magnetic material, not of metal.
      Purpose: ferrite homosexual magnet magnetic flux response type magnetic head structure. Two enumeration style lines of magnetic induction distribution the first enumeration style is a lattice spacing as a standard lights cycle, per via a lattice spacing, magnetic field change periodically, wrong fallacy is the weak magnetic field is a standard lights than the latter; The second enumeration style is strong magnetic field is a standard lights, wrong fallacy is that every through two cyclical turn a blade spacing field, unlucky in the displacement measurement accuracy.

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