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      Just stick to love you, magnetic refrigerator!

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      Just stick to love you, magnetic refrigerator
      Shanghai YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD. The main production of refrigerator magnet consists of the main material of rubber magnet and some additional materials such as paper printing peritoneal/PVC peritoneal/reflective material/laser film, and so on material, through a framed, hot pressing, die cutting, etc. The whole process is made and be become. Widely used products, small, beautiful. Welcome new and old customers call, letter consultation!
      Magnetic refrigerator was originally a disk with coated paper and added to the raw materials, such as a refrigerator decorations, but in the process of development, has the very big change. First the function, in addition to the adornment effect, and record to remind function, namely magnetic tablet with magnetic bookmarks, the two can be directly on the fridge, to record remind friends and family. Still have a kind of magnetic photo frame, can put the family lover's photos, very warm. Magnetic refrigerator is very convenient, as long as gently stick, can stick to the refrigerator, and torn off without leaving any traces. Now magnetic refrigerator lovely modelling, style diversity, very beautiful. A cartoon type on modelling, fruit type, vehicle type, the model can be determined by the customer free; Material with soft rubber, wood, plastic, glass, tin and so on, from ordinary to senior, freedom of choice space is very big!

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