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      Pain pain pain, stickers stickers, refrigerator magnet early on and happy!

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      Pain pain pain, stickers, refrigerator magnets, early on and happy!
      Refrigerator magnet is usually used for decoration; Have used for memo, that is, small notes. Such as what to buy vegetables or other food in the fridge, can write on paper put labeled in the refrigerator.
      Refrigerator magnet is divided into two kinds: one kind is the magnetic stick; Another kind of sticker. Magnetic stick can be reused and the sticker is a one-off. Is commonly used for decoration, but there are used to record the function of the refrigerator storage of food and remind. All in all function a lot. And there's a functional refrigerator magnet, a thermometer, and detection of refrigerator shell does produce electrostatic, and so on, the magnetic field is very weak, will have any influence on the refrigerator.

      Refrigerator magnet

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