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      Circular powerful magnets

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      Circular powerful magnets

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      Often have a friend asked the question, circular powerful magnet magnetic can last long? So take this opportunity to Shanghai today YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD. Is really a detailed answer on this question, partners can listen carefully! If kept in proper temperature, humidity and no strong external magnetic field, the radiation and other factors can influence the magnetic environment, its magnetic can almost can last forever. To solve such a problem may also asked that how to order the circular powerful magnets? Specific plan is as follows, for your reference:
      How to order the magnet:
      To enable us to cooperate with your work more effectively, we need you before placing order to confirm the following content:
      (1) what material, performance?
      (2) the size and tolerance?
      (3) whether the magnetization? Magnetization, if you want to what kind of way, axial? Radial?
      (4) the magnet work environment of the highest temperature?
      (5) the order quantity?
      (6) surface treatment? Zinc plating, nickel plating?
      (7) if you need special treatment, please let us know.

      Circular powerful magnet products details show:
      Circular powerful magnets

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