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      Ndfeb circular magnet piece

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      Ndfeb circular magnet piece

      Classification of the:NdFeB magnets

      Detailed information

      Ndfeb circular magnet product features:
      1, very hard and brittle
      2, high magnetic back
      3, such as no appropriate coating or plating, material corrosion resistance is low
      4, high cost/performance ratio
      5, general temperature stability
      6, not suitable for high temperature environment

      Safe handling and storage of magnets, ndfeb circular magnet piece:

      Should always be careful, because the magnet (ndfeb) circular magnet will adsorption together, may be task of fingers. When the magnet (ndfeb) circular magnet adsorption are also likely to be damaged due to collision magnet itself (the edges or hit the crack).

      The magnet (ndfeb) circular magnet is far from easy to be magnetized items, such as floppy disks, credit CARDS, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc.
      1, the magnet should be far away from the cardiac pacemaker.
      2, the larger magnet, each piece should be added between the plastic or cardboard gasket in place to ensure that can easily separate magnet (ndfeb) circular magnet.
      3, the magnet should be stored in a dry, constant temperature environment.
      Ndfeb circular magnet piece

      Ndfeb production process:


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