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      Ndfeb magnetic tile

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      Ndfeb magnetic tile

      Classification of the:NdFeB magnets

      Detailed information

      Ndfeb magnetic tile product introduction:

      Neodymium iron 錋 permanent magnetic material appeared in the early 80 s, is now widely used in motor (motor), speaker (speaker), toys, toys and some electrical appliances (electron), and other products. Ingredients for Nd2Fe14B. With high magnetic energy, the maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) above Ferrite (Ferrite) more than 10 times. Its mechanical properties are also very good, can cut different shape and drilling. High-performance products of the highest working temperature can reach 200 degrees Celsius. Because of its material content is easy to cause the corrosion, so according to different requirements must be carried out on the surface of different layer with polish processing. (such as zinc plating, Ni, Au, Epoxy, etc.)

      The purpose of ndfeb magnetic tile:

      1, magnetic tile, mainly used in the permanent magnet dc motor, and through the excitation coil electromagnetic motor produce different magnetic potential source, permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material produce constant magnetic potential source.

      2, permanent magnet magnetic tile instead of electric excitation has many advantages, can make the motor has simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable, small volume, light weight, less use amount of copper, copper low consumption, low energy consumption, etc

      Ndfeb magnetic tile

      Ndfeb production process:

      Shanghai YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD is specialized in the production and business operation of various types of magnetic materials, and several foreign companies have good relations of cooperation, the production of products are also exported to southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other places, has become many well-known enterprise of suppliers. Magnet has more than ten years production experience, the product main points of ferrite magnets, rare earth ndfeb magnets, magnetic buckle, aluminum nickel and cobalt. Samarium cobalt. Rubber magnet five categories of thousands of varieties, can also according to your needs, through open mould or cutting to make the new specifications. Products are widely applied to the speaker, motor, refrigerator, gift box, gift, luggage, magnetic stationery, advertising, printing, the health care magnetic products, etc. "Quality is reliable, abide by the contract" is our tenet for many years. The company is in a positive attitude, expand the market, welcome general merchants calls to deign to inquire, discuss business.

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