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      The ndfeb square magnet

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      The ndfeb square magnet

      Classification of the:NdFeB magnets

      Detailed information

      Ndfeb about square magnet:
      1, the main raw materials are ndfeb square magnet neodymium rare earth metal, metal iron and nonmetal elements boron (sometimes adding aluminum, cobalt, praseodymium, dysprosium, terbium, gallium, etc.), the general expressions for the: RE2TM14B (RE = Nd, Pr, Dy TM = Fe, Co).
      2, neodymium magnet ndfeb square matrix on the Nd2Fe14B compounds, its content should be close to compound Nd2Fe14B formula is. But according to Nd2Fe14B composition ratio in full, magnets, magnetic can is very low, even no magnetic. Only actual of neodymium magnets and boron content than Nd2Fe14B compounds and neodymium boron content (that is, the formation of rich and rich boron phase neodymium) to obtain good permanent magnetism.

      Ndfeb square magnet process:

      Ingredients - melting tableting/sling with - milling to molding, sintering and tempering magnetic detection to grinding to pin cutting processing, electroplating, finished product. The ingredients are the foundation, sintering tempering is the key.

      Ndfeb magnet blank squares production tools and performance testing tools:

      There was melting furnace, jilt belt furnace, a broken machine, jet mill, pressing molding machine, vacuum packaging machine, such as static pressure machine, sintering furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, magnetic tester, gauss meter.

      Ndfeb square magnet products details show:
      The ndfeb square magnet

      Ndfeb production process:

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