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      Ndfeb magnetic abnormity

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      Ndfeb magnetic abnormity

      Classification of the:NdFeB magnets

      Detailed information

      Ndfeb abnormity magnet profile:

      (1) ndfeb magnet abnormity, simple is a kind of magnet, and the magnet the difference is that we see at ordinary times of their excellent magnetic, known as "magnetic king".

      (2) the ndfeb abnormity magnet contains a large number of rare earth elements, neodymium iron and boron, and its characteristics of hard and brittle. Vulnerable to oxidation corrosion on the surface, ndfeb magnet surface coating must be conducted abnormity processing. Surface chemical passivation is one good way to solve.

      (3) the ndfeb magnet abnormity of rare earth permanent magnetic material as a magnetic energy product and high coercive force, high energy density at the same time make the advantages of permanent magnet ndfeb abnormity magnet material in modern industry and the wide application of electronic technology, so that the instruments and meters, electronic motor, magnetization of the magnetic separation equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin become possible.

      (4) the ndfeb abnormity magnet has the advantage of cost-effective, good mechanical properties; Shortcoming in low working temperature, temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to be pulverization corrosion, must through the adjust its chemical composition and take surface treatment methods to improve, to meet the requirements of practical application.

      Ndfeb abnormity magnet products details show:
      Ndfeb magnetic abnormity

      Ndfeb production process:

      Sell like hot cakes product recommendations: ndfeb strong magnet, ndfeb rare earth magnet, strong magnetic powerful magnet bar magnets, ferrite magnet magnetic ring, ndfeb permanent magnet, permanent magnet lifting jack

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