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      Permanent lifting

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      Permanent lifting

      Classification of the:Permanent lifting equipment

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      Permanent lifting works:
      Permanent lifting working principle is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction Faraday to manufacture. Internal high-performance neodymium permanent magnetic materials borax, can produce a strong suction in the magnetic circuit, flipping through the handle to make lifting changing the magnetic field lines in operation or closed; no external power supply, is both energy security, and high efficiency new lifting gear.
      When the jack is in working condition, face lifting suction hanging at the bottom of a pair of vertical poles constitute the workpiece firmly suck iron materials, as well as V-shaped grooves on the bottom surface, so both plate-shaped suction hanging workpiece can smoke hanging cylindrical workpieces. Thus lifting the sheet thickness and area, there are stringent requirements.

      Permanent lifting Scope:
      Magnetic chuck suitable for handling steel, iron and iron cylindrical timber. Such as machine parts, punch mold and all kinds of steel materials.
      The main point of permanent lifting without electricity. This is a non-permanent lifting power lifting equipment. Permanent lifting suction × 3.5-fold safety factor, permanent lifting of a high-performance NdFeB rare earth permanent magnetic source, with no power, strong suction, low residual magnetism, easy operation, long life, safety reliable, advanced permanent lifting structure, according to the export standards of production, quality and performance reached the international advanced level. Permanent lifting widely used industrial machinery, mold manufacturing, warehousing and transportation departments handling steel, lead ingots and other magnetic objects.

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