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      Iron chromium cobalt magnet

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      Iron chromium cobalt magnet

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      Iron chromium cobalt magnet is a new type of permanent magnetic material in the early 70 s. Its magnetic aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet and its horizontal magnetization, octupole plane multi-polar magnetization, and has the advantages of mechanical processing, can be suitable to make complex shape of small size requirement, small permanent magnetic components. Can be used for telephone, speed meter, micro-motor, miniature relay, speakers, etc.

      Iron chromium cobalt magnet features:
      Iron chromium cobalt magnet is a kind of permanent magnetic material can be processing, it has good plasticity and ductility, magnetic and Alnico5 magnets, still can make half hard magnetic alloy, has the characteristics of other magnets:
      (a) high temperature: 400 degrees keep magnetic not decline.
      (2) mechanical processing, such as: cutting, tapping, drilling, punching, etc.
      (3) the impact resistance: make up fragile other magnetic materials; The defects of easy to crack.
      (4) magnetic requirements can be adjusted according to customer needs (can make semi-hard magnetic).
      For stamping, car, milling, planing, grinding, drawing, rolling and other processed into silk, tubes, rods, with various specifications.

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      Iron chromium cobalt magnet

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