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      PM sucker

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      PM sucker

      Classification of the:Permanent lifting equipment

      Detailed information

      [Permanent magnet sucker] detailed parameters:
      Brand: Gui Ying
      Model: XM51 400
      Sucker type: permanent magnet sucker
      Sucker Shape: Round

      PM sucker Overview:
      Also known as magnetic or permanent magnet sucker sucker permanent lifting, the machinery factory, mold factory, Forge, steel mills, shipyards, and so the use of steel handling tools necessary places, can greatly improve the massive, cylindrical, sheet, irregular conveying efficiency of the magnetic guide of the steel material. Is a high-performance permanent magnet sucker NdFeB rare earth materials (N> 40) for the kernel, rotating the handle by hand pulling the sucker, sucker to change internal NdFeB magnetic system to achieve the required handling of the workpiece retention or released.

      PM sucker Maintenance Instructions:
      1, in a very dense electromagnetic chuck transport and use, to prevent knock scratch, so as not to destroy the strong permanent magnet sucker accuracy.
      2, after use, turn off the magnetic source, in a very dense electromagnetic chuck table painted anti-rust oil.
      3, in the dense pole magnetic chuck use, should be noted that the chassis ground, in order to avoid leakage wounding dive.

      Permanent magnet sucker Product details show:


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