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      PVC Magnet

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      PVC Magnet

      Classification of the:Magnetic button Cikou

      Detailed information

      Manufacturing PVC magnet powder metallurgy process, will contain a certain proportion of raw materials such as: neodymium, dysprosium, iron, cobalt, niobium, praseodymium, aluminum, boron and iron smelting by medium frequency induction melting furnace to alloy ingot, then broken into three ~ 5μm powder and pressed in a magnetic field forming, sintering the green compact after molding and tempering aging in a vacuum sintering furnace, so you get a permanent magnet has a magnetic properties blank. After rough grinding, drilling, slicing and other machining processes, and then the surface treatment is required by the users of finished PVC magnet.

      PVC magnets details:
      Name: PVC magnet
      Coercive force: 870 (KA / m)
      Remanence: 11.8 (T)
      Intrinsic coercivity: 960 (KA / m)
      The maximum energy product: 270 (KJ / m3)
      Material Grade: 35
      Density: 7.5 (g / cm3)
      Working temperature: 80 (℃)
      Curie temperature: 200 (℃)

      PVC Magnet Product details show:

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