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      Refrigerator magnet

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      Refrigerator magnet

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      Refrigerator magnet is the main material of rubber magnet and some additional materials such as paper printing peritoneal/PVC peritoneal/reflective material/laser film, and so on material, through a framed, hot pressing, die cutting, etc. The whole process is made and be become. Widely used products, small, beautiful. Welcome new and old customers call, letter consultation!

      Shanghai YingGui magnetic industry co., LTD. The main production of magnetic materials: rubber magnet (maximum wide 1000 mm, the thinnest thickness of 0.3 mm), ferrite magnet, ndfeb magnet, cobalt, nickel and cobalt neodymium magnets, unlined upper garment magnet.
      : magnetic products, magnetic car stickers, refrigerator magnet magnetic luminous, reflective stickers, magnetic bookmark, magnetic button, magnetic frame, magnetic EVA alphanumeric, magnetic whiteboard, magnetic puzzle, magnetic darts, magnetic phone book, magnetic advertising promotional items, gifts, gifts, etc. The company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" the principle provides the high quality service for the general customers. Welcome the masses of customers to patronize, rubber magnet products mainly by magnetic powder and natural rubber powder by extrusion molding, rolling molding, injection molding process and made with a soft, elastic and can distort the magnets. Produce into strips, roll, sheet and various kinds of complicated shape, at the same time also can compound a variety of color on the surface of PVC, double-sided adhesive and composite paper with your company logo printing and other materials, can also according to the requirements of you want to cutting out different shapes.

      Refrigerator magnet products details show:

      Refrigerator magnet

      Products sell like hot cakes: refrigerator magnet, magnetic coupling device, magnetic buckle metal buckle, PVC clothing magnetic clasp, packaging magnet, ferrite magnets, magnet magnetic steel

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