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      Magnetic devices

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      Magnetic devices

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      Magnetic Device Overview:
      Magnetic devices known as magnetic materials, is old and uses a very wide range of functional materials, and magnetic materials as early as 3,000 years ago by people understanding and application, such as a natural magnet used in ancient China as a compass. Modern magnetic materials has been widely used in our life, such as the permanent magnet material is used as the motor, is applied to the transformer core material, used as the magnetic-optical disc memory, a computer with a magnetic recording floppy disk and the like. It can be said, magnetic materials and information technology, automation, mechatronics, defense, national economic aspects are closely related.

      Magnet and magnetic devices are assembled from a kit of other materials having magnetic properties, the most common is a magnetic device has a magnetic steel cup and a magnetic filter rod, we usually NdFeB magnets or ferrite discs and around the bottom surface paste steel, so you can focus on the bare magnetic force of the magnet surface in the air, in order to meet customer requirements for product pull. Magnetic filter rods used more often in the food processing plant, but also the multi-chip wafer magnet into the pipe, the interval on each piece magnet magnetic sheets to increase the magnetic field strength steel outer periphery.

      Magnetic Devices Product details show:

      Haiying Gui Magnet Co., Ltd. specializes in various types of magnetic materials, with a number of foreign-funded enterprises have a good working relationship, the products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and other places, has become a lot of well-known enterprises suppliers. More than ten years of experience in magnet production, the main products ferrite magnets, rare earth NdFeB magnets (magnetic button), aluminum, nickel and cobalt. SmCo Rubber magnet tens of thousands of varieties of five categories can also be based on your needs by mold or cutting to create new specifications. Products are widely used in speakers, motors, refrigerators, gift boxes, gift bags, magnetic stationery, advertising, printing, magnetic health products. "Reliable quality, abide by the contract" is our aim for many years. The company with a positive attitude, open up the market, customers are welcome to call us, to discuss business.

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