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      Alnico the development process:
      1930s and 1960s, aluminum, nickel and cobalt permanent magnet materials in applications occupy an important position. But since the 1970s, the rapid development of hard ferrite, while the magnetic rare earth cobalt permanent magnet materials can have more than Alnico materials, machinable plastic iron-chromium cobalt permanent magnet performance can be compared with it, so it's the amount of decline. But it demagnetization due to temperature changes resulting from smaller than other materials, so the instrument is still commonly used.
      Alnico magnet material according to the manufacturing process can be divided into cast aluminum and nickel-cobalt powder sintered Alnico system into two categories. Casting department is divided into isotropic, anisotropic thermal magnetic treatment, crystalline anisotropy three kinds of directional, multi-meter system for magnetic, permanent magnet motors, flow meters, micro motor, magnetic bearings, sensors, speakers, microwave devices, geophones and the like. Anisotropic powder sintering system is divided into two kinds of isotropic thermal magnetic treatment, used for micro motors, permanent magnet motors, relays, small instrument.

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