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      NdFeB magnet

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      NdFeB magnet

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      See master how to discern the NdFeB magnet:
      The newly produced NdFeB magnet is black solid, surface roughness, feels a black powder fall down, no corrosion, the surface will be oxidized in the air to form red brown rust. The chemical formula is NE2FE14P, the ratio of neodymium actually accounted for about 35%, the formation of the nd rich crystal can produce greater attraction. Density of identification method 7.5g/cm3. science is:
      1, Helmut Hertz co vibrating coil test, can all flux test block magnet
      Detection of 2, the Holzer effect, reflecting the conventional way to test Gauss value form, the principle is showing Holzer effect in the magnetic field under the traveling wave magnetic field inside the tube.
      3, the axial field description. Used to describe the combination of magnetic field distribution magnetic.
      4, the fixed suction test
      The change of magnetic field, high resolution test can detect 5 10 1/10000.

      Neodymium iron boron magnetic current development:
      Now the NdFeB magnetic material is penetrated into all fields of national economy, small to audio, mobile phones, video machines, large vehicles, mechanical and electrical equipment, the maglev train, NdFeB magnetic materials exhibit great application prospect.

      NdFeB production process:

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