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      Permanent lifting

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      Permanent lifting

      Classification of the:Permanent lifting equipment

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      Permanent lifting method:
      1, lifting, lifting the surface to be cleaned first clean skin and spurs if rust should be cleaned. Centerline permanent lifting of the best center line coincides with the workpiece, and then placed on the work of lifting the plane, by rotating the handle - to the "+" sign to the direction of rotation of the position of the stopper pin number "." Check whether the ramp handle security lock automatically, and then lifting.
      2, when the workpiece is lifted, non-overloading, non-humans from the workpiece through the following was hanging workpiece temperature and ambient temperature less than 80 degrees, no severe vibration and shock.
      3, lifting cylindrical workpieces, keep B-groove connection with the workpiece contact angle of two straight lines, so its gravity is only rated from 30% -50% of gravity.
      4. Upon completion of lifting, pressing inward understand handle button is the security key and security pin on the handle off. Handle the "+" to "-" direction of rotation number to limit sales. So lifting is turned off, knock off pieces and lifting off.

      Permanent lifting Product details show:

      Haiying Gui Magnet Co., Ltd. specializes in various types of magnetic materials, with a number of foreign-funded enterprises have a good working relationship, the production of other products are also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and America, has become a lot of well-known enterprises suppliers. More than ten years of experience in magnet production, the main products ferrite magnets, rare earth NdFeB magnets (magnetic button), aluminum, nickel and cobalt. SmCo Rubber magnet tens of thousands of varieties of five categories can also be based on your needs by mold or cutting to create new specifications. Products are widely used in speakers, motors, refrigerators, gift boxes, gift bags, magnetic stationery, advertising, printing, magnetic health products. "Reliable quality, abide by the contract" is our aim for many years. The company with a positive attitude, open up the market, customers are welcome to call us, to discuss business.

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