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      Powerful magnet magnet

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      Powerful magnet magnet

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      Powerful magnet bar in use in the process of contact with the fluid internal energy which will have some irreversible loss, packet loss is more than 30% of the initial strength or surface of iron, stainless steel tube wear burst, then need to change the magnet, but can't let leakage magnet bar to continue to work, magnets are crisp, put some oil, surface also pollution to the environment. Domestic production enterprises bar magnet can generally work under heavy load 1-2 years, work under light load 7-8 years.

      Powerful magnet bar is mainly used to filter tiny powder and liquid, liquid iron impurities and other band of magnetic material, the internal core and external cladding, magnetic core, including cylindrical magnet piece and permeability of iron. A good bar should be uniform spatial distribution of magnetic induction line, the biggest point of magnetic induction intensity distribution is full of the whole root magnet as far as possible, because is usually placed in mobile product transfer lines, bar should be smooth surface resistance is small, do not contain harmful substances to the environment, avoid pollution materials and the environment. Mainly used for removal powder, granular and ferromagnetic impurities in liquid or slurry is widely used in mining, plastic, ceramic, electric power, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigment, dyestuff, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.

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      Powerful magnet magnet

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