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      Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile

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      Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile

      Classification of the:NdFeB magnets

      Detailed information

      Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile product information:
      Neodymium iron boron is developed in 1983 after a new permanent magnet materials, it contains rich rare earth resources, with magnetic high performance to price ratio, excellent. Now it has been widely used in various types of motors, electronics, electric power equipment, medical equipment, speakers, speakers, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, automotive, aerospace and other fields.
      My company has the domestic advanced machining equipment, strong production capacity of processing, according to customer needs to produce a variety of specifications for processing ring, ring, punching products, can produce various grades of N30-N50, high temperature can reach 80 (N) -200 (EH) of different.
      Our company specializes in processing of complex shape, high precision and high strength products, product consistency is good.

      Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile product detail display:

      Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile

      NdFeB production process:

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