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      Powerful magnet NdFeB

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      Powerful magnet NdFeB

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      Powerful magnet NdFeB is applied widely at present, the rapid development of the magnet products. Neodymium iron boron from invention to now widely used, but also 20 years of time. Due to the high magnetic properties of its own and easy processing, the price is not very high, so the application field is expanding rapidly. At present, the commercialization of the neodymium iron boron magnetic energy product can reach 50MGOe, is 10 times the ferrite.
      Powerful magnet NdFeB is very easy to corrosion. Therefore, most of the plating or coating to finished product. Surface treatment of conventional include nickel (nickel copper nickel), galvanized, aluminized, electrophoresis. If working in a confined environment, also can use phosphating way.

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      Powerful magnet NdFeB

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